Universal content management system built on the modules

What is a Drupal?

Drupal content management system is unlimited in scope and is designed for websites of any complexity. Drupal is a framework of open access to the code that is written in PHP using a database MySQL. Drupal templates consist of modules that greatly facilitate site development, modification and updating its content. Desired site design can be implemented in Drupal templates.


Drupal advantages:

  • Drupal CMS provides the reliability and security of your site.
  • If the site is designed on Drupal platform it will be unique in appearance and at the architectural level.
  • The Drupal management system can customize different users access to the data.
  • It is possible to create a multilingual website on Drupal.
  • Drupal framework has an excellent caching system designed to optimize site search.
  • Drupal platform provides the flexibility of architecture thanks to the modules.
  • Programmers can easily work with the management system Drupal because of its versatility and clarity of the code.

Drupal Admin Panel: 


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