Universal Content Management System to develop the websites

What is a Joomla?

Joomla is an open source system, which was created in PHP using the architecture MVC, the information saved in the database MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL. Content management system Joomla is the most popular and accessible program for sites maintenance. Sites created by Joomla lightweight and easy to use. A flexible system of components and modules for Joomla can expand under your tasks (from a small project on Joomla to the online-store or corporate and large information portal on Joomla).


Joomla advantages:

  • Content Management System Joomla has a minimal set of tools that you can expand as needed.
  • You can add multi-level access for registered users on the Joomla sites.
  • The developers of Joomla offers a large number of modules and components on Joomla.
  • It is possible to write custom modules and plugins for Joomla, as well as changes built.
  • Multilingualism.
  • In Joomla text editing takes place in the editor TinyMCE, like a text editor Word.

Joomla Admin Panel:


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