Professional framework for creative sites

What is a MODX?

MODX free framework that is used to create sites, written in PHP, the preservation of information occurs in the database MySQL or MS SQL. Content management system MODX installed on the majority of the WEB-server (IIS, Apache, Lighttpd, nginx and Zeus) and is cross-platform and cross-browser, which enables the implementation of major technical solutions in the development of MODX sites. The platform is popular among developers because of its availability, simplicity and ease of writing code. Website development for MODX, the imposition on the entire site or a separate template MODX page, content of the site is transformed into a pleasant and interesting process with a content management system MODX.


MODX advantages:

  • MODX sites fully protected and 100% safe and it is all thanks to the persistent work of developers who regularly are monitoring code MODX.
  • MODX platform is the most compatible with WEB-servers.
  • Website created on MODX easy to administer (introduced a mechanism to generate catalogs, it is possible to flexibly control the metadata, it is no problem with the delimitation of access rights).
  • MODX system allows you to directly work with HTML code, it helps to control virtually all information without any special effort.
  • MODX allows you to translate your ideas website design is absolutely not limiting your creativity.
  • Information is processed very fast thanks to caching MODX, thus speeding up the upload pages.

MODX versions:

The latest version, which is in an active stage of development is MODX Revolution, this system was developed very carefully with an emphasis on functionality and ease of use. Preliminary versions MODX Revolution is MODX Evolution, the two versions are now developing in parallel, because it is believed to work with Evo version for beginners it is easier than Revo.

MODX environment :

MODX Revolution


MODX Evolution


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