Content management system which have the appointment of online trading

What is a OpenCart?

OpenCart reliable and fast platform for creating an online store with a modern MVC architecture and a full set of features. Content management system is endowed with OpenCart search functionality that optimizes the online store. Sites created on OpenCart suited for small and medium-sized businesses. Site development on OpenCart, layout pages on the platform OpenCart is an affordable and convenient.


OpenCart advantages:

  • You will provide free support and receive system updates if you choose OpenCart system.
  • The control system OpenCart fast, easy to replace the code and is flexible enough.
  • Developers have integrated payment systems in the OpenCart platform and have developed its own system of reporting.
  • OpenCart framework has built-in order management system.
  • The OpenCart content management system provides the ability to import Excel.
  • OpenCart websites have the ability to use a multi-currency settlement system.
  • The OpenCart system has search functionality to optimize the online store.

OpenCart Admin Panel:


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