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What is a WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system designed for the blogging service, it is also suitable for building sites with little content and for portals, based on its functionality and a large number of plugins and extensions. WordPress is built on PHP / MySQL and is very easy to install. Therefore it is considered one of the most popular CMS in the world. Embody any website design you can use the built-in WordPress templates or create site by yourself using plugins and modules.


WordPress advantages:

  • The WordPress content management system enables the construction of any projects thanks to built-in WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.
  • The WordPress platform is ideal for publications focused on the beauty and ease of use.
  • The WordPress control system is fast, easy to replace the code, and is flexible enough.
  • WordPress plugins, templates and the system are updated automatically.
  • The widgets (blocks) and menus, as well as the editor of HTML pages are easily customizing in the WordPress.
  • WordPress developers provided relaying tag from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet for the proper indexing of pages by search engines.

WordPress Admin Panel:


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