Outsourcing Development

  • Rent a Programmer

    Hourly rent of the necessary specialist for the urgent fulfillment of a specific necessary task.

    • We provide a list of our specialists
      with the skills and rate
    • We provide CV of the selected candidate
    • The ability to join the project immediately
    • It is possible to pay via hourly rate or by clear price
  • Rent a Team

    Selection of a team of programmers for your request.

    • All the necessary specialists in one place
    • Added project manager
    • In the case of force majeure, instantaneous replacement by another
  • Full Project

    We take the project completely by ourselves.

    • NDA - the client will be sure
      that everything is done by your company
    • We are responsible for the
      selection and replacement of personnel
    • Absence of risks
      (no expenses on your part)
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