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Website Development Youth Portal

The development of popular news ranking

Create a news page for news portal

Adding comments to a website portal

Creating online editor of a web site

Development profile page

Sending news on the news portal

Create a page in the user portal

Adding events page on the site

Personal blog on the portal site

Creating online news portal

Creating a search page on the site

Development of photo galleries on the web resource

Development of photo galleries on the site

Creating an information portal for Lviv

Create a page story for the portal

Development of the control panel for web site

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done in: 17/04/2012

Information Portal


Combine the student community of Lviv in order to exchange experiences and student events in the life of the city.


Developed an information portal where students can view past important news of Lviv and the student of Lviv and the world can add  their news, photos, videos, stories and more.


  • A large number of news that a simple CMS would not stand.
  • Additional types of news "photo news, videos, news, ratings, surveys" and special projects, "One day, Adventures Snowball", "Faculty of story", "Successful People", "Where to go?", "Blog" - which for each of them developed a particular type of news with a separate special design and functionality.
  • More gadgets: SMS subscription to our newsletter for news huskies, concluded participants in the portal by a special algorithm, advanced search and more.
  • Developing personal cabinet visitor, where anyone can register and provide news on the site for publication, which after apruvu editor immediately appear on the site.