Contextual advertising

Your site is rapidly gaining popularity among users

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is the easiest and fastest way to attract customers or just visitors to your resource or a particular product or service. The site promotion in such conditions will be much faster.

The most famous statement of this kind of advertising is Google, the system binds the content of advertising to a specific topic (for example, if your site is dedicated to travel, the theme is tourism). So, if a user requests to score in the search that will be associated with your theme, and users will receive a link directly to your site. Contextual advertising can be placed anywhere on the page and easily define their style. This could be a banner or text ad.

contextual advertising

Advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Speed (only an hour your advertisement will be illuminated on the specified resource);
  • Efficiency (see all target consumers who are looking for products or services your site category);
  • that is, that your ad is running in search engine is completely free, only if the user decides to visit your resource, then Google will record it as a click and appreciate its value;

We propose:

  • compiling a list of keywords according to the subject site;
  • preparation of special offers by the standards of search engines;
  • creating and configuring an account that will be needed for your campaign;
  • ad placement in your chosen location;
  • monitoring of visitors of your site;
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