Advertising in social networks

Each social network has its own audience and features

What is advertising on social networks?

Advertising and promotion of social networks site is very efficient way to loudly announce itself. Currently, social networks are extremely popular among the public of all ages. People are registered not only to meet new people, but also because of the large access the information they need. If before the audience attracted mainly the major portals and popular, rating sites, now just phenomenal information efekt have social networks.

Advertising in social networks contributes to the effective promotion of the SEO of the company, as it allows to increase the traffic to your site. Each click on the link in your resource on the network increases the key indicators site because search engines appreciate heterogeneous external links and transitions from authoritative resources such as facebook, twitter and others.

Advertising in social networks

Methods of promotion:

  • Content advertising (placing classified ads in search engines like Google, Yandex and other social networks);
  • Official page of the company (the creation of such group should be for the supporters of the company and for network users. which will have seen all the updates in a tape of his community news);
  • Hiden advertisment (for using this type of advertising, you can either create a new community, there throw company news or distribute information about the company in already established groups or distribute the video or photo as spam, or directly to users);

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