Blockchain is a decentralized database that allows you to store data and cryptographically ensure that it is unchanged. Unobtrusively, you can not change the records in the blockchain - all operations are verifiable.

Despite the fact that the interest in Blockchain-technology is more related to the area of ​​finance, the scope of distributed registry technology is not limited to it.

Some of our solutions for government sectors with blockchain technologies:

1) Automation of document circulation in institutions (incoming, outgoing documents, internal correspondence, citizens' applications, ...).

2) Military resource management system (information about each military (skills, service history), unit locations, movement planning, orders, ...).

3) Medical information system (ectonny card of the patient with a history of extracts from medical institutions with diagnosed diagnoses and prescribed treatment).

4) API for payment systems (transfer of funds, signing of accounting documents, formation of estimates).

5) Authorship and ownership (to confirm the authorship of the work as well as its transfer to others).

6) Automation of interaction between the individual and the state apparatus by separate modules where the greatest corruption (assistance in the registration of the LLC, filling out the certificates of the traffic police, etc.).

and many many others.

We offer the development from scratch for the public and private sector and the implementation of blockchain technology in existing processes.

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