Asynchronous Javascript and XML

What is AJAX?

Ajax technology is an approach of building interactive web pages which allows you to update the data dynamically without restarting the entire page that is to say the data updates only partially. Programmers have long worked on developing Ajax and introduced the technology to the masses which triggered a breakthrough in the field of Internet technology. Ajax is not an independent technology, it combined HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and DOM.

web development using ajax technology Webdreamlab


  • reduction of traffic working with Web applications;
  • reduction of load on the server;
  • website pages quickly respond to user actions;
  • improve the functionality of the website;


  • there is no guarantee of safety, because all of the code can be viewed in a browser;
  • browsing history is not working;
  • poorly indexed by search bots pages;

After evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of Ajax, you can decide want you to use this technology on your site or not.

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