A new stage in the development of web technologies

What is HTML5 and CSS3?

HTML5 + CSS3 technologies have opened new opportunities for developers which helps much easier to develop a modern, convenient and functional site. Page loaded very quickly and it attracts users. Possible to develop a modern and creative website design with mass effects by using embedded technologies CSS3, that enhance layout of sites avoiding programming in Javascript.


Development of sites using HTML5 and CSS3 WebDreamLab


  • creation new elements and attributes by which it is much easier to promote the sites;
  • created tags that allow you to break the page into intuitive blocks (header, footer, section, nav, article, aside, figure);
  • web pages loaded faster;
  • you don't need to connect additional extensions to the browser to play audio or video (just enough to insert the tag video or audio);
Development of sites using HTML5 and CSS3 WebDreamLab


  • background (is possible to use a background image and background color at the same time);
  • box-shadow (add shadows to the blocks);
  • text-shadow (add shadows to the text);
  • opacity (add transparency blocks);
  • gradient (transfusion color);
  • border-radius (rounds the corners of the blocks);
  • transition (property changes);
  • transition-delay (delay property changes);


  • It doesn't support some features in older browsers;
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