A client programming language which making interactive pages of the sites.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is an object oriented client programming languages that makes the pages of the site interactive, that is processes events (actions) which performed by the user. The program code is inserted in the HTML document which the browser interprets. Javascript script supported by different applications which are intended for the design of the site. Language has become very popular among programmers after the emergence of AJAX technology, which creates a new stage in the development of sites.



Client scripts:

  • Javascript;
  • VBScript;
  • ActionScript;

Advantages Javascript:

  • supported by all browsers;
  • supported by following programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign та Adobe Dreamweaver;
  • checking registration forms on errors before sending to the server;
  • creates a vivid and interactive pages;
  • you can carry out various types of calculation;

Programmers professionals rather skeptical thought about this language, it was popular among fans. But when there was a new development - Ajax, attention returned to Javascript. It is believed that the javascript is the most popular language.

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