Unique Web-Solutions

  • Business Automation

    CRM and ERP systems for planning, organizing and monitoring work in the company.

    • Personnel Accounting
    • Marketing activities
    • Document circulation and accounting
    • BIG data
  • IT solutions for Startups

    We are changing the world bringing your project idea to life.

    • Prototyping Warframes
    • Pilot alpha version to validate idea
    • Full product development
    • Support and development of additional functionality
  • Integration with devices

    Create web and mobile interfaces for working with hardware devices.

    • GPS monitoring
    • Processing information on GPRS devices
    • Sync information via buses from modular systems
    • Recognizing people and objects through CCTV cameras
    • Smart house
  • Government orders

    Development of IT solutions for government and municipal facilities.

    • Medicine (Ministry of Health)
    • Police (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
    • Army (Ministry of Defense)
    • Decentralization (OTG)
    • Local councils (publishing resolutions, workflow, working with references)
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