Online store

Unlimited catalog with a shopping cart, order and online payment

Internet store is expanding catalog of products which have a number of functional:

  • creating multiple categories, subcategories, products;
  • product contains:
    • name;
    • price;
    • short and full description;
    • characteristics;
    • the main and additional pictures;
  • search on site;
  • advanced search on site in characteristics (Size, color, Components, ...);
  • order product (add to cart, choose the method of delivery and payment, pay online);
  • a private office with a history of orders and their status;
  • gadgets:
    • new products;
    • popular goods;
    • recommended products;
    • promotional products;
    • visited products;

This is actually the standard features that should be in every online store.

Design for an online store

This is a key moment in the creation of online shops. The beautiful, user friendly and psychologically well-thought-out design and online shop will provide you with the fact that the choice of the buyer to stop it on your resource and will provide you with the maximum percentage of conversion.

The structure of online store

creation online store

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Not only enough create an online shop - it's necessary to promote the market.

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